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Ventilation Repair in Chicago, IL

Indoor air quality is an important consideration for any commercial or industrial space, especially production environments where odors, fumes, and potentially dangerous chemicals are present. A working, effective ventilation system is essential to remove contaminated air and replace it with clean, fresh air.

If the air quality at your facility has been compromised due to problems with your ventilation system, talk to our experts at RMC Mechanical. We offer ventilation repair throughout the Chicago area, and our technicians are available 24 hours a day for emergency service. Our experts can troubleshoot and repair most ventilation problems quickly, and with over 85 years of commercial HVAC experience, you can expect superior results on every job.

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When to Contact Our Team for Ventilation Repairs

Ventilation problems often develop slowly and can be easy to miss or disregard as weather fluctuates. Here are some indications that you should have your commercial ventilation system inspected and repaired:

  • Trouble maintaining comfort – If temperature or humidity levels seem harder to control, or your facility is uncomfortable, a malfunctioning ventilation system may be a contributing factor.
  • Excessive noise – Unusual noises and vibrations can occur when belts, bearings, or drive motors in air handlers or ventilation systems are faulty.
  • Unusual odors – If your ventilation system is drawing in outdoor pollutants or failing to expel contaminated air, odors or pollutants may affect comfort and air quality.
  • Pressure problems – When ventilation equipment fails, the air balance may be thrown off, causing problems like doors that are hard to open, large air leaks, or back drafting from combustion appliances.
  • Increased utility bills – Air leaks, duct losses, and ineffective temperature control due to faulty ventilation equipment can all contribute to higher energy costs.

Contact our experts at RMC Mechanical for help when you notice any of these ventilation problems. We serve Chicago, Northwest Indiana, and Southern Wisconsin.

Commercial Ventilation Repair in Chicago

Ventilation problems can make your commercial facility uncomfortable for employees and guests while increasing your energy costs. With our skilled technicians at RMC Mechanical, we can work quickly to return your facility to full operation, and we service all types of commercial ventilation equipment, including:

  • Air handlers – Our experts can service damaged belts, faulty bearings, loose pulleys, or damaged motors to provide improved airflow.
  • Exhaust hoods – Faulty fans or clogged filters can impede an exhaust system’s ability to remove contaminated air from commercial kitchens, paint booths, or welding stations.
  • Make-up air units – Clogged filters, damaged belts, or faulty drive motors can reduce the fresh air supplied to the building.
  • Air ducts – Dirty ducts, filters, or vents can impede airflow and increase energy costs.
  • Economizers – Faulty economizer actuators can reduce the clean air coming into rooftop HVAC units, affecting air quality and increasing energy costs.

We also offer ventilation system installation for facilities that are considering an upgrade.

Minimize Ventilation Problems With Routine Maintenance

Preventative maintenance can keep your ventilation systems operating efficiently while preventing breakdowns and malfunctions. At RMC Mechanical, we offer complete ventilation maintenance services, as well as commercial HVAC maintenance agreements that make the process simple and cost-effective.

Contact us online or call 630-595-8032 to learn more about our HVAC service agreements.

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Keep your facility comfortable and improve indoor air quality with commercial ventilation repairs from RMC Mechanical.

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