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Commercial & Industrial Piping Services in Chicago

RMC Mechanical: Serving Chicago Businesses for Nearly a Century

Piping systems within your commercial business are relied upon on a daily basis. That means when you need piping services, you need a team that can offer complete, customized solutions and peerless results. At RMC Mechanical our team carries extensive experience and training in handling commercial and industrial piping systems, from steam to chemical, and can help you with all of your piping service needs.

RMC Mechanical has been operating in the Chicago area for over 80 years. When it comes to complete solutions and flawless service, we’re the name to know for piping systems. We can bring you perfect design and installation, repair services, and routine maintenance—all you need to keep things running smoothly and efficiently within your business.

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Expert Commercial & Industrial Piping Installation

We offer process piping for cooling towers, gas, compressed air, chilled water, steam and hot water. Our piping specialists can expertly install high and low pressure steam piping systems that are ideal in industrial settings. Our technicians are highly trained to safely and efficiently install these systems according to local codes and standards. They can assist you with steam systems for your boilers, heat exchangers, control systems, and more. We also offer water piping systems that are typically polyvinyl chloride (PVC), copper, and steel. Copper tubing is the most popular water supply piping option and is available in different thicknesses depending on your building codes. PVC is recommended primarily for chilled water and drainage. Compressed air piping is available in carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum materials.

Commercial & Industrial Piping Repair Services

Damage to piping systems can mean huge losses in productivity for any type of business, large or small. Our team understands that when things go awry in your business you need access to accurate service provided in a timely manner, and that’s why we extend our services to complete emergency piping repair!

No matter the issue at hand, be the piping system complex or somewhat simple, we have the training, tools, and experience to provide flawless repairs that get your business back up and running as soon as accuracy will allow.

Customized Commercial Piping Maintenance in Chicago

Every aspect of a piping system must be routinely inspected and cared for to avoid costly downtime and optimize performance. At RMC Mechanical our team can build a tailored and streamlined service that fits your business’ unique need specifically, ensuring you get the absolute best in efficiency and performance from your piping systems.

By joining a routine maintenance agreement with RMC you can gain:

  • More efficient piping systems
  • Less costly repairs and downtime
  • Extended piping system lifespans
  • Increased safety for employees and associates
  • And more!

Why Choose RMC Mechanical for Commercial & Industrial Piping Services?

There are many reasons commercial and industrial businesses in Illinois have come to rely on us for all their mechanical needs, including pipe installation. Here are just a few:

  • We have over 80 years of experience providing commercial and industrial buildings in Chicago with high-quality water, steam, and compressed air piping.
  • Our technicians are fully certified and union members.
  • We provide professional, friendly commercial and industrial piping service that has resulted in long-term relationships with many of our clients.

Put our years of experience to work for you. Contact RMC Mechanical today to get a quote on your commercial or industrial piping service in Chicago!