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Nursing Homes in Chicago, IL

HVAC Services for Nursing Homes

For an assisted living or retirement facility there are few things as crucial as comfort and reliability. You don’t need to waste time and energy worrying about your heating and cooling systems, or whether or not your piping and refrigeration systems are operating correctly. Instead you can trust RMC Mechanical Services to handle these for you!

As a leader in mechanical design and services in the Chicago area our team can offer the complete installation, replacement, maintenance, and fabrication system your facilities need. Clients and businesses all throughout The Windy City have been trusting RMC for complete and custom solutions since 1933. Whether you manage or own a massive facility or are caring for just a few, we can offer the thoughtful care and specialized services you’ve been looking for.

RMC Mechanical Services offers complete HVACR and mechanical services in the Chicago, Illinois area! Contact us online now to learn more, or feel free to discuss your needs with our project managers by dialing (630) 595-8032.

Heating & Cooling Solutions for Nursing Homes

We’re the team your business can turn to for complete mechanical services. In our many years we’ve honed our skill and services to accommodate the needs of our clients. No matter what you’re looking for, or how specialized your comfort and refrigeration equipment may be, we have the knowledge and tools to match.

We place a priority on comfort, satisfaction, and quality, so you can dedicate your facility to bettering the lives of children and families while we dedicate ourselves to ensuring your mechanical systems are in top shape and ready to support your needs.

Our specialists offer a fully array of services that include:

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Our Services for Nursing Homes & Retirement Facilities in Chicago

Our specialists, fabrication experts, and project leads have been devoted to superior service and leading quality since day one. We’ve spent decades honing our skills and knowledge to accommodate the needs of each unique client, and when you want a team you can trust, you’ll find no better. Your comfort and satisfaction are our priority, which is why we offer a robust range of services and solutions to accommodate any need.

We offer:

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HVAC Maintenance Plans & Services in Chicago

The absolute most effective method of ensuring system efficiency and trustworthiness is to ensure all systems are inspected, tuned, and maintained by professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary. Our maintenance plans are completely custom to your facility, designed and administered by professionals that know how best to service your piping, mechanical, HVAC, and refrigeration systems.

By seeking maintenance services from RMC you can gain:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower heating and cooling costs
  • Less breakdowns and HVAC downtime
  • Longer lived systems
  • Lower repair costs
  • Better facility air quality
  • And more!

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Energy Savings for Chicago Area Nursing Homes

Our maintenance savings plans can help:

  • Increase your energy efficiency
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Improve indoor air quality

Our HVAC green maintenance evaluation includes each of these steps:

  • An examination of your current system
  • A cost savings analysis recommendation
  • Energy cost comparison with ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment
  • Maintenance program recommendation plan

HVAC Repair & Replacement in Chicago, IL

Interruptions in heating and cooling are thing syou simply cannot afford to tolerate in your field. At RMC we understand that you need access to services that are fast, efficient, and cost-effective in order to keep things running smoothly. That is why we provide full repair services for all of our clients, helping you restore comfort and confidence in the face of any issue. Whether you’re dealing with a system failure or breakdown, or even a minor issue with cooling or heating quality, we will always offer decisive solutions.

Whether repair services are simply not cutting it or you are in need of system upgrades to accommodate growth, our experts can be there for you. We offer total structural assessments in order to design and install new comfort system replacements for retirement facilities and assisted living facilities all across Chicago, so you know your new system will be optimized for efficiency, comfort, and total reliability.

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HVACR and Mechanical Services for Nursing Homes in Chicago, Illinois

As one of Chicago’s most trusted full service mechanical contractors our team strives to always improve, always ensure quality, and always leave our clients glad that we came. Whether you’re seeking repair, maintenance, or even custom design services, we are here, and we’re ready to help.

When you need complete HVAC, refrigeration, piping services, or custom mechanical solutions for your nursing home, contact us right away!