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Industrial Heating Services for Large Retail Shops in Chicago, Illinois

Winters in the Chicago area can be brutally cold, putting a significant amount of strain on the heating systems in large retail facilities. This can lead to performance problems and breakdowns that interfere with business operations, costing your company time and money.

At RMC Mechanical Services, we can help you keep your building warm and your customers comfortable with our comprehensive commercial heating services. We offer heating system maintenance, repairs, installations, and replacements, and our certified technicians can help with any heating problem you may have, major or minor. Our services can help you avoid downtime, save energy, and extend the life of your HVAC equipment.

Do you need commercial heating system repair, maintenance, or replacement services for your Chicago-area retail business? Contact RMC Mechanical Services for cost-effective, professional heating services!

Commercial Heating Installation & Replacement in Chicago

Whether you are installing an HVAC system in a new retail building or you are upgrading from an older system that has outlived its useful service life, our team at RMC Mechanical Services can help. We offer complete commercial HVAC design, installation, and replacement services for retail stores in Chicagoland and the surrounding areas. Our experts can evaluate the heating needs of your facility and design the perfect system to meet your requirements and your budget.

We install energy-efficient, green commercial HVAC solutions that can keep your energy usage, heating costs, and environmental impact to a minimum. Our heating systems include water and steam boilers, burners, radiant systems, infrared heaters, commercial heat pumps, unit heaters, furnaces, and duct heaters powered by gas, electricity, or a combination of both.

To request an installation or replacement quote for your Chicago retail shop’s heating system, contact our experts today!

Heating Maintenance for Large Retail Stores in the Chicago Area

Many performance problems and breakdowns can be prevented through regular maintenance of your commercial heating system. At RMC Mechanical Services, we offer custom preventative maintenance programs that help to keep your heating system running as efficiently and reliably as possible, which can prevent unnecessary service calls, minimize downtime, reduce your energy costs, and extend the service life of your heating equipment. Our maintenance services are tailored to the needs of your equipment and typically include:


  • Gas pressure and valves
  • Safeties and controls
  • System operation
  • Overall efficiency


  • Burners, heat exchangers, and flues
  • Combustion controls
  • Fire brick and refectory materials
  • Insulation
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Electrical wires, terminals, and contacts

Cleaning or adjusting:

  • Burners
  • Coils
  • Air handlers
  • Gas pressure
  • Control calibrations

We will also perform a combustion analysis to determine how well the heating system is operating and if any dangerous byproducts are being produced, such as excessive carbon monoxide. During the maintenance process, we will remain vigilant for any irregularities that may cause future problems.

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Commercial Heating Repair for Chicagoland Retail Shops

When you have a problem with the heating system at your retail facility, you can count on our team at RMC Mechanical Services for fast, professional commercial heating repairs. We work on all brands and types of heating equipment, including hot water, steam, gas, and electric heating systems, and our talented professionals have the experience to solve nearly any heating problem.

With our advanced diagnostic equipment and procedures, we can find the cause of your heating problems quickly and offer the most cost-effective solutions for your needs.

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Schedule Commercial Heating Services in Chicago, IL

With over 80 years of industrial and commercial HVAC experience, you can count on our team at RMC Mechanical Services for all your commercial heating needs in the Chicago area.

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