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Ice Rink Cooling in Chicago, IL

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Owning and operating an ice rink facility in the Chicago area is all about keeping things comfortable and things running as smooth as possible. Your business depends on a very wide array of mechanical systems, from piping to HVAC, and needs each and every operation at its best to guarantee a productive day. That means you need the assistance of a leading service team to ensure you’re totally covered. And here in Chicago, that means RMC Mechanical!

Our mechanical service specialists have been proudly serving the Chicago area for generations—since 1933, in fact! We offer clients the best in maintenance and mechanical management services by using a customer-focused and tailored approach to service. Whether your needs lie in routine tune-up and upkeep services, or complete system design and replacement, you’ll find our specialists more than equal to the task.

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Complete Mechanical Maintenance for Ice Rink Facilities

Each and every process in your facility needs to be at its best at all times. Proper maintenance of piping and refrigeration systems will result in lower costs and a more productive business, while optimized HVAC offers the same. You need experts who carry extensive experience, thorough training, and all of the tools necessary to cover all of your unique needs.

RMC Mechanical provides extensive and ongoing maintenance services to ice rink and service facilities in Chicago, and we have plenty of experience in meeting each unique client’s needs. We develop our maintenance plans to address your equipment’s needs specifically, generating a routine that offers thorough service that keeps your business operating cost-effectively and dependably.

With our extensive maintenance services you can expect:

  • Lower energy consumption and costs
  • Longer equipment lifespans
  • Better comfort and more reliable operations
  • Fewer equipment breakdowns and lower wear risks

Mechanical System Replacement & Design

Whether you need to update or replace existing HVAC, refrigeration, piping, or mechanical systems, you want to be certain the team handling the job is capable of offering you the absolute best. At RMC Mechanical, we can assist you in complete design and replacement services, gaining you the advantage of working with specialists who carry considerable experience and a dedication to total client satisfaction. We can design and install chiller systems and piping to cool the ice slab and generate the playing surface, as well as the installation of HVAC systems to keep each area of the facility at the proper temperature and refrigeration systems for concession stands or food services.

Trust our specialists with the replacement and design of:

Ice Rink Facility Services in Chicago with RMC Mechanical

With a history of excellence and a drive to ensure our clients always get the absolute best in services and cost-effective solutions, RMC Mechanical is your partner in getting the best service and highest quality in the industry. Whether you need routine maintenance services or complete ground-up design/build retrofitting, we’re the team you want on your side!

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