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Hospital Facilities in Chicago, IL

HVAC Services for Chicago Area Hospitals

Are you building a new Chicago area hospital and need to make sure you have the air conditioning and heating unit designed correctly? Are you looking for a way to minimize the utility costs and energy use of your hospital? RMC Mechanical is equipped to handle all of these issues and more when dealing with HVAC systems for hospitals.

Heating & Cooling Solutions for Hospitals

When it comes to hospitals, it can be difficult to ensure that the temperatures stay regulated throughout the year. Humidity, condensation, and exact temperature are vitally important hospital processes. At RMC Mechanical Services, we know the problems that your industry can face and we have experience in dealing with these variables.

We work on the following aspects of your HVAC system:

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Energy Savings for Chicago Area Hospitals

Our maintenance savings plans can help:

  • Increase your energy efficiency
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Improve indoor air quality

Our HVAC green maintenance evaluation includes each of these steps:

  • An examination of your current system
  • A cost savings analysis recommendation
  • Energy cost comparison with ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment
  • Maintenance program recommendation plan

Hospitals stay running all day and night throughout each year. It’s important to cut back on energy costs wherever you can. We can help you choose the ideal system for your needs.