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Industrial & Commercial Air Conditioning Replacement in Chicago, Illinois


For industrial and commercial facilities in Chicago, working, reliable air conditioning systems are a key component for both comfort and productivity. From keeping employees and customers cool to preventing heat-related damage in industrial equipment and computer systems, dependable air conditioning systems are vital to many industries.

If the air conditioning equipment at your facility is starting to have reliability or efficiency problems, it may be time to consider an upgrade. At RMC Mechanical, we offer air conditioning replacement services for industrial and commercial facilities throughout the Chicago area. Our union-certified technicians can design and install new air conditioning solutions that are energy-efficient and tailored to the unique needs of your facility and equipment. Since 1933, we have served the Chicago area, providing quality industrial and commercial HVAC, refrigeration, and piping services.

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When Should a Commercial or Industrial AC Unit Be Replaced?

Many factors affect the service life of your air conditioning equipment, including the type and quality of the components, the quality of the installation, maintenance frequency, and usage patterns. Most commercial and industrial air conditioning systems will last 15 to 20 years or longer, but if your equipment is over 10 years old, efficiency and reliably concerns may justify replacing some systems earlier.

At RMC Mechanical, our experts can evaluate your air conditioning equipment and help you choose the best time to upgrade. New systems are often significantly more efficient and reliable, and our team can perform a cost-savings analysis to determine how much you can benefit by upgrading and how long it will take to earn back your investment through lower energy costs. Replacing your air conditioning systems at the appropriate time can help you avoid equipment failures and productivity losses.

When Should I Replace My Industrial AC?

As your air conditioning equipment approaches the end of its service life, there will often be signs that indicate serious problems or imminent failure. These can include:

  • Higher energy costs – Older air conditioning systems will use more energy to operate as worn parts and failing components force them to work harder to maintain the desired conditions in your facility.
  • Reduced cooling performance – A failing air conditioning system will not be able to provide effective cooling, with problems like warm spots, weak airflow, and uneven temperatures becoming more common.
  • Poor humidity control A major function of air conditioning systems is to remove moisture from the air. As your equipment nears failure, humidity may rise, endangering sensitive equipment, electronics, and inventory.
  • Increased repair frequency – Reliability will suffer as your air conditioning equipment ages, requiring more frequent repairs. More than two or three breakdowns a season can have a significant effect on your budget and productivity.
  • Higher maintenance costs – To keep older equipment operating reliably and efficiently, frequent maintenance will be required and costs will increase, especially for systems with outdated refrigerants like R-22.

Industrial & Commercial AC Replacement in Chicago

When it is time to replace your industrial or commercial air conditioning equipment, our experts at RMC Mechanical can design and build a system that provides the comfort, efficiency, and performance that your facility requires. We offer professional, cost-effective air conditioning replacement services throughout Chicago, and our talented personnel can fabricate custom air conditioning solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business to save energy and improve productivity.

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