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Industrial & Commercial HVAC Services in Skokie, Illinois

Mechanical Contractor Serving Skokie, IL Since 1933

Commercial and industrial environments put significant strain on mechanical systems like commercial heating and cooling equipment. To minimize the effects of pausing your Skokie business, you need a reliable partner to provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services for your commercial HVAC equipment.

At RMC Mechanical Services, we can help your business minimize system failures and downtime with our full selection of mechanical services, including commercial HVAC design, installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance. Whether you operate a large manufacturing facility, a chemical plant, or an office building, our talented technicians can help you prevent unnecessary service calls, reduce your energy usage, and extend the life of your equipment. We serve commercial and industrial customers throughout the Skokie area, and we offer convenient maintenance agreements that can help keep your equipment in prime condition.

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Industrial and Commercial HVAC Services in Skokie, Illinois

We are a full-service mechanical contractor covering all your industrial and commercial HVAC needs in the Skokie area. We offer comprehensive services on your building’s:

We are trusted as the mechanical contractor of choice for projects all over Skokie, IL related to mechanical system design, construction, installation, and repair. Call (630) 595-8032 for emergency services.

Maintenance Agreements & Energy Savings

For equipment that sees constant use in commercial and industrial locations, routine maintenance is the key to reliable, efficient operation. At RMC Mechanical Services, we can work with your facility to design a personalized preventative maintenance program that meets the service needs of all your equipment. Our technicians will work diligently to keep your equipment running smoothly, which will help to prevent problems while reducing your energy costs. We can also help you implement programs to manage your energy usage, and we can offer advice on future equipment choices.

By performing an energy evaluation and cost savings analysis on potential purchases, our team at RMC Mechanical Services can help you determine the best time to upgrade and how long it will take to recoup your investment though monthly energy savings. We are proud to offer environmentally-friendly, green HVAC equipment for businesses throughout Skokie, which can help to reduce your energy costs, as well as the carbon footprint of your facility.

Why Choose RMC As Your Mechanical Contractor in Skokie?

If you are looking for a mechanical contractor in Skokie, IL, you have come to the right place. Industrial and commercial businesses all over Illinois, including Skokie, have been coming to us for all their heating, cooling, and refrigerant needs since 1933. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • We have over 80 years of experience in industrial and commercial HVAC
  • Our technicians are fully experienced and union-certified
  • We provide professional, personalized service that has turned many of our jobs into long-term relationships
  • We offer 24-hour emergency service

Put our years of industrial and commercial HVAC experience to work for you. Call (630) 595-8032 to speak with an experienced mechanical contractor on our team or contact us online to schedule service for your building in Skokie, IL.