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Mechanial HVAC, Refrigeration & Piping Services in Oak Brook, IL

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A suburb of Chicago, Oak Brook, IL has just over 8,000 residents and is home to several major corporations. With a diverse manufacturing sector, Oak Brook produces a range of products including health and medical supplies, plumbing products, foods, and more. As a leading mechanical contractor in the Chicago area, RMC Mechanical Services provides businesses in the Oak Brook area with a full selection of industrial and commercial HVAC services. These include HVAC design, equipment installations, equipment replacements, comprehensive maintenance, repairs, and more.

Our certified technicians have extensive experience with all types of industrial and commercial HVAC, piping, and refrigeration systems, and we serve a variety of businesses, including, retail stores, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, and more.

Do you need a quality, reputable mechanical contractor in the Oak Brook area? Contact RMC Mechanical today to learn more about our commercial and industrial HVAC services!

Industrial and Commercial HVAC Services in Oak Brook, Illinois

In Oak Brook, business know we can cover all industrial and commercial HVAC needs with our professional mechanical services. We offer comprehensive services on your building’s:

We are trusted as the mechanical contractor of choice for projects all over Oak Brook, IL related to mechanical system design, construction, installation, and repair. Call (630) 595-8032 for emergency services.

Maintenance Agreements & Energy Savings

Equipment failures can quickly bring business operations to a halt, reducing productivity and profits. The best way to avoid this is through regular preventative maintenance. At RMC Mechanical, we offer custom maintenance programs that can keep your HVAC, piping, and refrigeration systems in peak condition. Our maintenance services are designed to meet the specific needs of your equipment, helping it to operate easier and more efficiently while extending its service life. Not only can this reduce your energy costs, but it can also help to avoid costly downtime.

Along with routine maintenance, we also offer other energy-saving HVAC services, including energy evaluations and cost savings analysis services. Our experts can evaluate potential equipment investments and determine how long it would take to earn your money back through savings on your monthly energy bills, By comparing those figures to your current operating costs, we can help you decide if and when to upgrade your equipment.

When you are ready for new commercial or industrial HVAC systems, our team at RMC Mechanical offers energy-efficient, green equipment from leading manufacturers, as well as complete installation services. We are proud to help businesses throughout the Oak Brook area reduce energy costs and consumption with the latest HVAC systems and technologies.

Schedule Mechanical HVAC Services in Oak Brook

Since 1933, RMC Mechanical has been forging long-lasting relationships with businesses throughout the Oak Brook area. With our extensive experience and dedication to quality, our customers trust us to handle their industrial and commercial HVAC needs with professionalism and pride. Our company features:

  • Over 80 years of commercial HVAC experience
  • Professional, union-certified technicians
  • The latest industry training and credentials
  • Personalized service that is reliable and cost-effective

For the quality mechanical services that your business demands, you can count on our team at RMC Mechanical Services. Contact us today at (630) 595-8032 to learn how we can help your Oak Brook business protect its critical HVAC, piping, and refrigeration systems!