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Refrigerant Conversions for Chicago Businesses

Chicago Refrigerant Conversion Services

At RMC Mechanical Services, we offer reliable refrigerant conversion throughout Chicago, Illinois and surrounding areas. Creating a conversion plan as soon as possible is important due to continually increasing R-22 costs, pending supply challenges, and the fact that R-22 is in scarce supply.

It is recommended that existing refrigeration systems are surveyed for their current condition to decide whether to keep them in use under close supervision to minimize refrigerant loss or replace them altogether. The pros at RMC Mechanical have the experience and expertise to inspect your current system and provide valuable feedback and suggestions.

Whether you are a grocery retailer, or another business looking to convert refrigeration and HVAC systems to acceptable HFC alternatives, RMC Mechanical is here to help!

Schedule Refrigerant Conversion in Chicago, Illinois

It’s important to choose a company you can trust when scheduling your refrigerant conversions. We have the industry knowledge and extensive experience to offer reliable services to Chicago property owners.

Contact RMC Mechanical today at (630) 412-1169 to discuss how we can work with you to minimize your R-22 costs and come up with a solution for your refrigerant conversion needs throughout the Chicago area.